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Neurosedynskadad vann mot Chemie Grünenthal

Neurosedynskadad vann..........

Contergan victims may call to boycott Grünenthal  (DPA) | 24.06.2009, 16:42 Cologne.
The contergan victims are permitted to call a boycott on the products of the entrepreneur family Wirtz. That decided the county court Cologne on Wednesday in an accelerated proceeding.
The “Bund Contergangeschädigter und Grünenthalopfer” had called for boycotting pharmaceuticals, detergents and cosmetics from Grünenthal and the Dalli group. With it they want to reach a compensation of five billion Euros. The Dalli group declared before the proceeding that they have no bearing on the occurrences around Contergan.
The chairman Margareta Reske first had suggested transferring the further argument into a main proceeding to have more time to appreciate the respective arguments.
It points everything to the fact that the judgment is a case with precedent which was not decided in this form in Germany until now.
The Dalli group legal representatives have rejected this proposal and insisted up on that today a judgment will deliver.
The contergan criminal procedure against Grünenthal had adjusted 1970 because of minor guilt of the defendant. After a composition with the victims the company paid 110 million German Marks into the Contergan Foundation and in July 2009 they voluntarily deposit further 50 million Euros.




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